Keeping security manageable, simple and future-ready without “breaking the bank”

Building a security program that is manageable, simple and future ready. Specialized consulting tailored to the needs (and budget) of startups & SMBs.

Startups & SMBs

Startups also require support on managing information security and privacy but are in a tight spot before business ramps up. It is also difficult to understand what you need to focus on in the beginning and your priorities might span a large portion of information security from Security Policies, to Security Architecture and Secure development. Prioritizing and planning what needs to be done when will be the biggest challenge.

SMBs face similar challenges as they might not be big enough or have enough budget to hire a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or IT-Security resources. According to the “Nasjonal strategi for digital Sikkerhetskompetanse” [p.10] Norway will lack 4.100 people with digital security competencies by 2030 (given that the need is not increasing), but post COVID-19 this is likely to be a very conservative estimate and the GAP is increasing.

Our philosophy is that supporting startups and SMBs, pose interesting cases for security professionals and can help increasing the overall national market for information security services.

Our goal is to make a light weight, self-maintained and hands-on approach to information security.

How? By supporting your company by defining a security roadmap and supporting the business through shorter term consulting assignments we can help build security competency withing your own organization. We can also support you through security mentoring, for example through programs such as Innovation Norway’s mentoring service. We can also serve in advisory positions or cover board seats.

Example key deliveries;

  • Virtual CISO (vCISO) services
  • Security roadmap
  • Security consulting
  • Security mentoring

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