Security awareness, threat updates, key-notes and conference presentations

Short presentations covering 1-2 hours of content for companies and conferences regarding security topics.

Presentations & awareness

Shorter presentations covering one topic within information security. Typically more high-level content than covered in Security Training sessions. These type of presentations are more suited for raising the general information security awareness within a company helping to build the security culture within a company.

The board of directors, the CEO and executive management are other key audiences for this type of service. Covering topics relevant for boardrooms such as threat updates, regulatory updates impacting information security.

Our philosophy is that information security is a common responsibility for everyone in a company from the board, the CEO and executive management, to the broader workforce.

Our goal is to deliver high-level, understandable, actionable and informative content, to raise the internal awareness and security culture in a company.

How? We custom create presentation content based on your company’s need to support your Security Strategy and goals.

Example key deliveries;

  • Threat updates
  • Information Security for Board members
  • Information Security for Executive management
  • Information Security Regulatory updates
  • Phishing and phishing risks
  • Threat actor and hacking awareness

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