1. The Boardroom & Government

    The Boardroom & Government

    Advisement and support for the Board, Government, Investors & Executives Security consulting and strategic advisement in topics related to information security and cyber governance in a broader picture. 1-to-1 discussions on security topics, management support or supporting investors, investment bankers and stockbrokers on information security topics. The boardroom and Government Consulting services but specifically aimed…
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  2. Presentations & Awareness

    Presentations & Awareness

    Security awareness, threat updates, key-notes and conference presentations
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  3. Security Training

    Security Training

    Secure development, S-SDLC, built-in security & privacy, ethical hacking Introductory topics to cyber security, secure development and ethical hacking.
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  4. Startups & SMBs

    Startups & SMBs

    Keeping security manageable, simple and future-ready without “breaking the bank”
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  5. Security Strategy

    Security Strategy

    Using security as a strategic tool for enabling business & retaining customer trust
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  6. Security Governance Consulting

    Security Governance Consulting

    ISMS (ISO 27001), S-SDLC, DevSecOps, built-in security & privacy (gdpr), GRC
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Bespoke services, products and other deliverables

  • Virtual CISO (vCISO) – a bespoke service functioning as an in house virtual CISO or interim CISO. Contact directly for quotes and inquiries.


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